Quick Picks: December’s Top 10 ‘Friendly’ Finds

Quick Picks: December’s Top 10 ‘Friendly’ Finds

I’m always on the lookout for great products that are cruelty-free, made of natural materials, or best of all – both! Here are my top 10 ‘friendly’ finds for December.

Stahlbush Island Farms Berries

You can find these berries in the freezer section of most Whole Foods. They’re delicious AND they’re packed in paper not plastic. They’re especially yummy in smoothies, muffins and oatmeal.


Open Farm Lamb Dog Food

Not only is this dog food top rated for nutritional value, it’s made from GAP Step 4 beef. It’s the only dog food on the market to use humanely sourced meat.


Who Gives A Carp Toilet Tissue

This super fun TP is made only from forest friendly materials like 100% recycled paper fibres, bamboo or sugarcane which saves water, carbon emissions and trees. Trees are better for hugging than they are for wiping anyway 🙂


Whipped Mud Mask Argan Hydrating and Detoxifying Treatment

I LOVE this mask. It really does what it promises. It brightens, tightens and moisturizes. And, it’s cruelty free! Josie Maran’s Whipped Mud Mask is made with 100% Pure Argan Oil and Moroccan rhassoul clay. Five stars from me.

Detoxify your skin. Delight your senses. 📷: @makeupbyanyaa #arganlove #josiemaran

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I love the Chemex because it’s super easy to use and clean. It’s a great alternative to traditional coffee makers (made from plastic) and Keurigs that require a single-use plastic pod for each cup you make. They’re also reasonably priced under $100!

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Organic Cloth Bulk and Produce Bags

ECOBAGS® organic cotton drawstring bags are perfect for the bulk and produce aisles of your favorite grocery store. When you get home transfer bulk items to containers and put your produce right into the vegetable crisper. Done and done.

Our #ecobags can be used to pack your lunch, for your #zerowaste shopping and even for your #crafting as a project bag. Thanks so much for the photo 📸 #Repost @packagefreeshop ・・・ Looking to pack your #zerowaste lunch in a #reusablebag? We've got bags of all shapes and sizes, like these bags from @ecobags_us!!! But why use a reusable bag? In the USA alone, we use 30 BILLION plastic grocery bags and 10 BILLION paper grocery bags that require approximately 14 million trees 🌲and 12 million barrels of oil 🕳to produce . . . 😳 BUT – investing in a canvas or cotton bag can drastically reduce those numbers. Each reusable bag your use has the potential to eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime. If you really care for your reusable bags, they can last YOUR lifetime! Check out our @ecobags_us in store and online!

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Dr. Bronner’s All-One

Dr. Bronner’s All-One bar soap comes in several therapeutic scents, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, almond, rose, and citrus. There’s also a special mild formula for babies. Each bar comes wrapped in bright colored paper (my favorite kind of packaging) and sells for about $3.50.

It’s not hoarding if it’s Dr. Bronner’s.

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Organic Cotton Cardboard Applicator Tampons

Honest Co.’s hypoallergenic tampons are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and offer biodegradable cardboard applicators. Plastic tampon applicators may be the last things you think about recycling or replacing with cardboard, but FYI they litter the ocean.


Dharma Dog Karma Cat Pet Toys

Using a technique called wet-felting, Dharma Dog Karma Cat produces beautiful eco-friendly pet toys with nothing more than pure wool, natural soap and water. Each product is handcrafted by women in Nepal so your purchase goes to supporting these artisans and their families.

Good idea Shimi. Sushi for dinner tonight.

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Mad Hippy Skincare Products

Mad Hippie’s skincare products are free from Parabens, synthetic fragrance, PEGs, SLS and other nasty additives. They’re proven just as effective as traditional skincare products and best of all, every one of their products (except for their SPF which contains a little beeswax) are Vegan and certified cruelty-free by PETA.


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