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Sustainable Investing: Can Your 401K Save the World?

Sustainable Investing: Can Your 401K Save the World?

So you’ve thought about reducing your footprint on the environment – using less plastic, ditching the gas guzzler for a bike and buying food from sustainable farms. But what about your investments? Oh yeah, that 401K that you look at every once in a while, […]

Zero Waste October: Week 4

Zero Waste October: Week 4

The final week of Zero Waste October kept me on my toes. I learned a lot, and some of the things I did for the first time this week will stay with me for a lifetime. Here’s my recap. I swapped paper napkins for cloth. […]

Zero Waste October: Week 3

Zero Waste October: Week 3

This week, I applied the Zero Waste approach to Halloween – and it was great.

I prepped for Halloween in the ‘greenest’ way possible.

No nylon Halloween flags or plastic pumpkin candy bowls for me. This year, my Halloween decorations are real pumpkins and natural grasses. Also, I chose Halloween candy that is wrapped in aluminum foil and paper, not plastic.

I took reusable bags with me wherever I went.

They always come in handy and I avoid collecting a million plastic bags that live under my sink for years.

I took a close look at the “office” supplies my husband and I use.

Ultimately, we didn’t need a complete overhaul, but here are some of my favorite environmentally friendly items:

I went to the farmers market.

Conveniently, there’s a farmer’s market across the street every Saturday morning. So I went, as I normally do, paying careful attention not to buy anything that would go to waste…and, I brought my reusable grocery bags with me.

I used cloth produce bags.

These are great. They keep countless plastic bags from ending up in landfills and oceans. Here is my favorite brand.

Every week I go grocery shopping with the intent of letting nothing go to waste.

80% of the time I’m successful. This week I was more planful. I made list and stuck to it. I chose brands that used plant-based or paper packing where I could.

I recycled.

This goes without saying. I recycled everything possible but there were some items I didn’t know hot to recycle. I set them aside to learn more. Keep a look out for my upcoming blog post: How To Recycle Weird Things.

On to week 4! Check out these posts to see what I did for Zero Waste October: Week 1 and Zero Waste October: Week 2.

Zero Waste October: Week 2

Zero Waste October: Week 2

Week 2 of the Zero Waste Challenge was a little more demanding, but now I feel better prepared to keep the Zero Waste lifestyle going – most of the time. Here’s what I did this week: I decluttered. To be honest, this was the most […]

Zero Waste October: Week 1

Zero Waste October: Week 1

Zero Waste October is upon us. For those of you who don’t know what Zero Waste October is, check out this blog post that explains everything. Here’s what I did to kick off the challenge. I said no to straws. This one was easy because […]

You’ll Never Look at Straws The Same Way Again

You’ll Never Look at Straws The Same Way Again

A new documentary about plastic straws will rock your world. STRAWS, now screening worldwide, premiered in April 2017 and was directed by Lind Booker.

The message of STRAWS is simple.

We’re addicted to convenience AND we’ve developed some very bad habits. One of which is using straws. It’s estimated that each day in the U.S., over 500,000,000 straws are used once and tossed. The vast majority of them aren’t recycled, so they wind up in landfills, litter streets and add to the estimated 8.5 tons of plastic found in oceans each year.

In STRAWS, Booker interviews several experts including turtle researchers Nathan Robinson and Christine Figgener, PhD student, Texas A&M University, who rescued and filmed the removal of a plastic straw in a sea turtle’s nose that went viral in 2015.

Booker also talks to Max Machum, a middle school student who was inspired by this viral video. He started his own campaign called the #NoStrawChallenge to get rid of plastic straws in his community. Take a look below.

It’s up to all of us to stop widespread plastic pollution. Simply refusing single-use plastics is enough to affect change. But, there is more that can be done.

Take Action.

The Last Plastic Straw initiative featured in STRAWS strives to encourage individuals to push for change in restaurant protocol and practices in their local communities around the world.

Learn how you can make can take personal action, take a pledge, create a campaign and more with the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Visit and




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