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Global Warming: A Mammoth Problem

Global Warming: A Mammoth Problem

Last Spring I had the pleasure of meeting the director of Mammoth, Grant Slater, in a Gondola at the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, CO. The festival was inspiring. It showcased important nonfiction stories about environmental, cultural, political and social justice issues. Several talented filmmakers […]

Mother Earth and Animals #Winning in 2018

Mother Earth and Animals #Winning in 2018

I spend a lot of time writing about stuff that needs to change. So much so, in fact, that it’s easy to overlook the good happening all around me every day. For this post, I decided to take a different appraoch. Here are 17 environmental […]

Links I Love: Holiday Gift Edition

Links I Love: Holiday Gift Edition

Opting for eco-friendly gifts this holiday season? Here are my top picks for everyone on your list.

These stainless steel straws make great stocking stuffers.

Another great stocking stuffer – bamboo toothbrushes keep the environment clean too.

Everyone drinks water. This charcoal water filter saves money and the environment.

For the coffee lover in your life, this french press may be the perfect gift.

Kjaer Weiss products are the crème de la crème of green makeup. Their makeup is organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable, and their containers are refillable.

Patagonia 95% recycled cashmere sweaters are made from pre-consumer cashmere waste that’s mechanically broken down and spun into new yarn. They’re guaranteed to keep your loved ones warm and cozy all winter long.

Every year 50 billion plastic bottles are used once and thrown out. Choosing to drink from glass bottles is cooler and helps cut down on waste. Try Soma bottles with silicone sleeves.

Hydrate your creative side.

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This homemade granola recipe makes and easy and delicious gift that’s totally affordable!

Beeswax food wraps are a great way to keep food fresh without having to use Saran Wrap.

Give healthy, delicious fruits and veggies for 30-50% less than grocery stores with an Imperfect Produce box subscription.

Yes, real lemons look like this. If you’ve ever picked lemons from a friend or family members tree you will instantly recognize these curves, scars, and discolorations as normal and healthy. Yet if you’ve only encountered lemons in the store, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking something was wrong with lemons with such strange shapes and textures. We’re all about connecting these two words so all of us can appreciate the diversity of lemons in the word. We think that, just like people, all lemons are worthy of our love and respect! 💛🍋💛🍋💛🍋 #lemon #lemons #nowaste #organic #seasonalfood #eattherainbow #colorfulfood #realfood #healthyeating #vegan #vegetarian #ImperfectLuv #uglyfruit #uglyveg #uglyfruitandveg #uglyproduce #uglyproduceisbeautiful #savetheuglies #cookingugly #imperfectproduce #uglydelicious

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Tiny Home, Big Impact

Tiny Home, Big Impact

Last week I visited Tiny House Holiday Village at Northfield Stapleton. In Colorado, there’s nothing like a cup of hot chocolate, a tiny home and the thought of really going off the grid to get you in the holiday spirit. Ten builders attended to showcase their […]

Quick Picks: December’s Top 10 ‘Friendly’ Finds

Quick Picks: December’s Top 10 ‘Friendly’ Finds

I’m always on the lookout for great products that are cruelty-free, made of natural materials, or best of all – both! Here are my top 10 ‘friendly’ finds for December. Stahlbush Island Farms Berries You can find these berries in the freezer section of most Whole […]

How to Have a Low-waste and Animal-friendly Holiday Season

How to Have a Low-waste and Animal-friendly Holiday Season

The holidays are here! It’s a time for gratitude, sharing, and reconnecting with friends and family. It’s also a time for shopping and entertaining, which – unfortunately – can mean a lot of unnecessary waste and an increase in animal product consumption. Here’s what I’m doing to keep my holidays waste-free (almost) and animal friendly.

Shopping and Gifting

I’m staying away from excessive packaging.

And, wherever possible, I’m going package free. This has been challenging because I don’t typically have control over how my purchases are packaged, but I’m doing my best. I’m starting by shopping locally. Buying things online may be easier and more convenient, but it’s definitely more wasteful. Think of all the bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, and cardboard I’ll save!

I’m also turning to package free shops like Package Free. Package Free has something for everyone on my list. I’m happy to support them because they’re committed to offering great products to anyone living a low-waste lifestyle.

I’m reusing wrapping paper.

True story, I haven’t bought new wrapping paper in close to 15 years. When I was little, my mother and I started a tradition – we saved all our Christmas wrapping paper and used it year after year. Now, I practice the same tradition with my husband. It’s a wonderful way to keep memories of christmas past alive while being kind to mother earth.


I’m going au natural with my decorations. 

So many holiday decorations are made from materials that are not biodegradable – plastic, styrofoam, nylon, etc. This year, I’m staying away from that stuff. It’s easy to use natural materials to make beautiful holiday decorations. I’m turning to flowers, seasonal candles, and ornaments made from wood. I’m even making a centerpiece out of old family photos.

I’m also keeping it simple.

No need to go overboard with decorating this year. In fact, I’m a big believer that less is more. So instead of decorating the entire exterior of my home with tiny holiday lights, I’m using found evergreen branches and berries. Easy and simple. Elegant but not wasteful.


I’m relying on produce more than ever before. 

This year, I’m replacing some of my traditional holiday dishes with plant-based ones in hopes of driving demand for meat and dairy down – even just a little bit. Over the past few months I’ve uped my veggie intake a lot. And surprisingly my husband doesn’t hate it (most of the time). Here are some of his favorite recipes.

I’m choosing meat and dairy that are animal welfare certified. 

The truth is, I’m not Vegan. I aspire to be. I stick to a mostly plant-based diet because I don’t agree with the way animals are farmed. However, my husband does eat meat and I do all the cooking.

So, when I buy animal products, I only buy from farms that adhere to very high welfare standards. It’s so important to buy meat and dairy from these farmers. Use this Shop With Love Grocery List from the ASPCA to make sure you’re meat, dairy and eggs are sourced from farms that believe animal welfare should always come first.


I’m washing a dish and saving a fish. 

I know using disposable plates, cups, forks and knives may save time and energy during the very busy holiday season, but single-use flatware is awful for the environment – especially the plastic stuff. Most of it ends up in our oceans chocking wildlife. If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t have a good excuse not to wash dishes. That’s just lazy.

Again, I’m keeping it simple.

If you’re like me, it’s easy to get caught up in being an over-the-top hostess. When I’m prepping for holiday dinner parties, my first instinct is to go above and beyond which usually means I’m buying things I don’t need. What I’ve found most helpful is sticking to plan. When I’m shopping, cooking or decorating, I make a list and stick to it.


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